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July's Painting Update

July doesn't have the biggest volume of miniatures completed, but I did tackle some really big projects.

Shadow of the Bat

Picking up where we left off last month I closed out the core set for Batman Adventures. I finished off the last of Batman's rogues gallery, including Riddler & Penguin.

And, I also hit 200 minis from the AUGS line, so to celebrate that milestone, I jumped into the stretch goal box and painted one miniature my younger brother had repeatedly asked for... Bane!

I wanted to go more with his luchador look, so I departed from the card art for this one. And with that, Batman is done for now, I'll probably look at tackling Arkham Asylum & the stretch goals next year.

Days of Future Past

Jumping from the DC universe back to Marvel now as I try to finish the epically huge, Days of Future Past expansion. This month I painted both of the remaining sentinels to finish this box, clocking in for the whole expansion at ~51 hours.

Super pleased with all of these, they came together beautifully, even if it was a bit of an endurance task to get them painted. Of course, the Sentinels needed mutants to hunt, so I wasn't done with Marvel United just yet.

Marvel United X-Men

After finishing Days of Future Past I jump straight into the X-Men Core Box. First up we have the heroes in their '92 cartoon look.

And of course, the villains, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants... lead by the master of magnetism, Magneto!

However, the Brotherhood would really be complete without the addition of Toad, Blob and Pyro.

Mice & Mystics Downwood Tales

With MUX complete I was heading towards the 200 for the year milestone, so I wanted to finish off some smaller projects before tackling my 200th mini, which I had decided would be Apocalypse for Marvel United.

So I took a look at my Painting Pledges and Mice & Mystics jumped out at me as a project very close to completion.

I had just seven minis outstanding to finish it off, 5 fearies and 2 bullfroglodytes, which will appear in next months round up.

With the numbers bolstered by the Fearies, my total for the month is an underwhelming 23, bringing the yearly total to 192. August however is already off to a good start with more Mice & Mystics, my 200th mini of the year and a return to the dungeon, in Massive Darkness.

Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


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