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The Big Painting Update 2021

Sorry I've been so bad at updating recently. Work and life and everything rather got in the way. If you want more regular updates you can always follow me on Twitter & Facebook which I do still usually post daily updates on.

Before we jump into what I have painted, I've got a poll running on the Patreon, no need to be a member, to vote on what games you would like to see me paint in 2022. Wanna see Batman? ISS Vanguard? Dinosaur 1944? Let me know by casting your vote and having your say.

So what've I been painting since our last update...

Mice & Mystics Downwood Tales

I nearly finished painting my final Jerry Hawthorne game. I was working on the Downwood Tales expansion for Mice & Mystics, but I didn't actually finish... I still have seven minis to go...

The Boys From The Dwarf

To take a break, for a while, from board game minis I turned my attention to a very special little set of minis from Master Crafted Miniatures, the Dimension Jump Red Dwarf minis.

This set features each of the principle cast from a classic episode.

Super Dungeon/Ninja All Stars

After that I jumped back into Super Dungeon Explore. I finished up the Caverns of Roxor first...

Before closing out the last of my singles for the Ninja All Star crossover, with some of my favourite SDE paint jobs to date...

Zombicide Washington DC

Taking a minor detour I jumped into some Zombicide and decided to play around with different lighting effects...

Being just 3 minis from hitting the 100 zombicide 2nd edition minis milestone I also did Phil the Cop and two more abominations.

Devil Island

With that done and the year drawing to a close I set sail for Devil Island. The rebooted Super Dungeon experience set in the mystical land of Kagejima.

As you can see below each of the spawn points has it's own colour scheme, although they all share colours to try and create a sense of harmony.

Here we have the bosses, Ibaraki-Doji and Bomechan

And finally the heroes. Only Saru is new, the other three I painted over a year ago...

Pet Patrol

And if that wasn't enough I've also been working on alt-colour scheme versions of the classic Forgotten King pets for Super Dungeon. These look fantastic in my opinion!

TMNT City Fall

With only days to go before Christmas I returned to TMNT with the intention of finishing the last of the minis I had outstanding. I didn't quite make it, but I did do some Purple Dragons.

This brought me to exactly 449 minis for the year... Well.. I had to get to 450 didn't I...

Zombicide Invader

Closing out the year I painted this behemoth, the Stepmother Abomination for Invader.

And I hope you will agree that's a pretty good way to close out the year.

Don't forget there are always more photos available in the gallery and if you want vote on what I will paint next year you can do that here.

Until next time, have a fantastic holiday season, a happy and a safe new year, and have fun painting!

The Duke


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