Game Night Reviews: Cartographers

It was a bright spring morning as you sat atop the old cairn staring out over the verdant landscape that spread across the valley below. Queen Gimnax had sent you out to map the kingdom beyond the horizon and to find for her a lush forest by a mountain, or a river not near a farm. Not wishing to disappoint you pulled out your quill and began to make it up as you went along, it’s not like she was ever going to check! As time ran short the parchment was still bare in patches and you scribbled a few hasty symbols and scrawled the words “Here be monsters” before knocking off for a few swift pints at the Golden Swallow before closing time.

Cartographers A Roll Player Tale is a map drawing game set in the universe of Keith Matejka’s #RollPlayer. The game plays quickly, with all players playing simultaneously, has simple rules and a lot of crunchy decisions to make along the way.

A Quick Overview

The game is played over four seasons. Each season two of four edicts are scored. Each edict will provide rules for how different types of terrain score and each edict is scored twice over the course of the game.


Each season begins with a card being flipped which will s