Kingdomino Duel

Having built your Kingdom in Kingdomino it is now time to divide up the land between the six noble houses of Dot, Double Dot, Stripe, Double Stripe, Quarters and of course, All Black. By drafting dice you can recruit dignitaries to your noble houses and expand their influence to score points or you can court the wisened old sorcerer to grant you supernatural bonuses to break the rules of the game and score oodles of points.

Kingdomino Duel is a domino laying, roll & write style game where each round you will roll and draft dice, drawing the symbols on those dice into your pre-printed Kingdom sheet and occasionally unlocking bonuses from a central player sheet known as the Spellbook.


  • 4 unique dice

  • 2 pencils

  • A pad of double sided Kingdom Sheets

  • Rules

As with most Roll & Write games the game includes a pad of pre-printed sheets for you to write on. They are double sided but the reverse side has the Spellbook, containing bonus powers players can unlock. For your first game you will need to use 3 sheets, one for each player and one for the spellbook. After that I recommend using the back of an old player sheet for the bonuses to make best use of the pad. Of course you could easily laminate some sheets however additional sheets do not seem to be available for home printing from the publisher.