Here Be Heroes

Last week I showcased some of the Massive Darkness heroes from a couple of the small box expansions... well that was just the tip of the iceberg! After painting those I decided I really needed to pick up the original base game and put my ticklesticks on the plastic contained there in.

Here's how that turned out...

I painted the heroes in the order I was most excited about them, so I began with Siegfried. As with the heroes from last week I'm still using exaggerated highlights from the upper right to give the impression of light hitting the mini and creating shadows. Siegfried turned out really well, I particularly like his shield and his tattoos.

Next up we have Elias who is obviously a homage to Gandalf the Grey. With Elias I accentuated the light and shadows to really bring his robes to life. Then I played around with some OSL (object source lighting) to make it appear as if his staff was glowing. This is always a daunting prospect as you need to add the OSL last and if it doesn't work you need to repant. Personally though I think that blue glow looks great!

Next we have Sybil, with her I did less experimentation as I had already painted a similiar scheme for Sylvan last week. Still I think she came out well, even if the pose is a little odd.