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Holding Out For a Hero

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

So, this last couple of weeks I've been painting some new Heroes for Descent across three different expansions, Bonds of the Wild, Visions of Dawn and Oath of the Outcast.

Bonds of the Wild

Oath of the Outcast

Visions of the Dawn

Overall all I'm pretty happy with how these all turned out with Ispher the dragonkin from Visions of the Dawn being my particular faourite.

In other news I upgraded the Keep this week. As some of you may know I've been working from the spare room using a fold out table from Home Bargains because "I'm buying a house soon" so I just needed a temporary solution. Well, it's been six years and I still haven't bought a house and quite frankly this was hardly an ideal working space...

So, I went on amazon and found myself a new workbench. So I now have a glorious 150cm of space to spread out, I need to use the bed as a chair but that's no hardship.

So far I have only two problems, the light is now situated to my left and I occasionally tilt my head that way causing a shadow, and I like to rest my hand on the edge of the table while I'm painting, which is fine for quick paint jobs but after a couple of hours the rough edge of the chipboard starts to chafe. And for those who were wondering, yes, it took less than a day for me to christen the table by knocking over a pot of paint!

Right that it for this week, have fun painting....

The Duke


The Duke was worried he might run out of things to paint in 2021, fortunately CMON is here to help...

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