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How to Paint - Aftermath Ringr

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Here's a quick tutorial on how I painted the hero Ringr for Aftermath. You can find tutorials for the other heroes as well as the minions here.


  • Citadel Contrast Aggaros Dunes

  • Citadel Contrast Blood Angels Red

  • Citadel Contrast Skeleton Horde

  • Citadel Contrast Gore Grunta Fur

  • Citadel Contrast Black Templar

  • Citadel Contrast Basilicanum Grey

  • Citadel Contrast Flesh Tearers Red

  • Formula P3 Jack Bone

  • Formula P3 Gun Corps Brown

  • Formula P3 Menoth White Highlight

  • Formula P3 Sanguine Highlight

  • Formula P3 Morrow White

  • Formula P3 Bogrin Brown

  • Formula P3 Khador Red Base

  • Formula P3 Frostbite

  • Formula P3 Khador Red Highlight

  • Formula P3 Khardic Flesh

  • Formula P3 Midlund Flesh

  • Formula P3 Ryn Flesh

  • Formula P3 Gravedigger Denim

  • Formula P3 Skorne Red

  • Formula P3 Battlefield Brown

  • Green Stuff World Mojave Mudcrack


For Ringr I began with nice light undercoat of Jack Bone, this will give me a warm tint to my colours.

I then blocked out the various colours. I used Aggaros Dunes for the fur, Blood Angels Red for the cape, Skeleton Horde for the belt, Gore Grunta Fur for his waistcoat, Black Templar for his gun, Basilicanum Grey for the bottles.

Next I did the fur. As this is the meat of the model this is where I wanted to apply the most attention. I began by painting fur texture using my fine detail brush and following the contours of the model as a guide as to where to apply strokes. I used Gun Corps Brown & Menoth White Highlight, applying more Menoth White Highlight to the mix for the second set of highlights.

For the belt I added some Sanguine Highlight to the mix I'd been using for the fur and painted the flats on the belt. Then I did some edge highlighting by adding Morrow White to the mix and running my brush gently along the edge.

For the waist coat I only needed to add some edge highlights with Bogrin Brown to make it pop.

For the glass bottles I began by adding a different amount of liquid to each using Flesh Tearers Red. I then added a highlight to the liquid using Khador Red Base and an edge highlight to the lids and the rims of the glass using Frostbite. With Khador Red Highlight I added some edge highlights to the base of the glass and then using Morrow White I added a line of reflection just off centre.

Next comes the feet and the facial features. I began by applying Khardic Flesh to the feet, ears and nose. I also added in the eyes and the gun with Black Templar Contrast. Highlights were then added with Midlund Flesh followed by Ryn Flesh. For the toes I apply the highlights in horizontal lines to imply the segmented rodent toes. To finish off I added the claws in black and a dash of white as a reflection in the eye.

For his gun I used Gravedigger Denim to edge highlight all the edges. The red accent was done with Skorne Red. I added a small ammount of Khador Red Base to highlight to the the upper third before adding a white reflection. The cape was finished with a simple edge highlight with Khador Red Base.

The base was done with Battlefield Brown and once that was dry a layer of Mojave Mudcrack.

You can find more tutorials on how I painted my Aftermath minis here. Until next time, have fun painting...

The Duke

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