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How to Paint - Aftermath Scorpions

Here's a quick guide to how I painted my Scorpions for the board game Aftermath. For more Aftermath tutorial please follow this link.


  • Citadel Contrast Gore Grunta Fur

  • Citadel Contrast Citadel Black Templar

  • Formula P3 Bloodstone

  • Formula P3 Bogrin Brown

  • Formula P3 Meaty Ochre

  • Formula P3 Moldy Ochre

  • Formula P3 Thamar Black

  • Formula P3 Morrow White

  • Formula P3 Battlefield Brown

  • Coat d'Arms Matt Varnish

  • Green Stuff World Mojave Mudcrack


I began by painting all four scorpions with P3 Bloodstone.

Once that coat was dry I loaded up my drybrush with Bogrin Brown and drybrushed the entire model.

And then I did it again with Meaty Orche...

And finally with Moldy Ochre, concentrating more around the top of the model and particularly the face.

Now that we've laid down the basic colours it's time to neaten everything up and sharpen the details. Firstly I took a fine detail brush and using Gore Grunta Fur I fine lined all the crevices between the armoured plates. I also used it to darken the tips of the feet, pincers and sting.

Then I added in the eyes using black and added a dot of white as a reflection.

Finally I added edge highlights to the plates using Moldy Ochre. I concentrated the highlights mostly to the center of the model. I used a very fine brush to get nice thin lines. Lastly I used Black Templar Contrast to darken the very tips of the pincers and the sting.

To finish the off I took my large drybrush and applied a coat of Matt varnish. I like to use Matt rather than Gloss because you still get an insectoid sheen without them appearing wet. To base I used Battlefield Brown and once that was dry added a layer of Green Stuff World Mojave Mudcrack to give the bases a more post apocalyptic look.

For more painting tutorials for Aftermath check out this link. If you like these articles and want to see more please let me know down in the comments. Until next time, have fun painting.

The Duke

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