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How to Paint - Oh, Brother!

This week I've been furiously writing tutorials for Plaid Hat Games Stuffed Fables expansion Oh, Brother! The game takes place in the same adorable world as the original, but this time our Stuffy heroes are defending a young boy, the little brother of the little girl from the base game.

The expansion adds a whole new story along with new minis. Two new minion groups, the mechanised Bed Bugs, which naturally pack a bite...

You can find the how to paint for these mechanical menaces here.

The other group are a set of deranged alien teddy bears that just want to hug you... But don't know when to stop. They are the Hugglers!

Obviously drawing they're inspiration from the Teletubbies I couldn't resist the chance to paint them in there traditional (if somewhat sun faded) colours. You can see how I painted the red Huggler here.

Then we have two new heroes. Manny the brave action figure has a clear Castle Greyskull vibe.

You can find his tutorial here. And Pokey, his loyal unicorn steed.

Pokey in particular I had a lot of fun with, especially that rainbow coloured base. You can find the Pokey tutorial here.

Lastly we have the bosses. Riff & Raff are a pair of evil marionettes puppet twins.

And you can find my tutorial for them here. While the big boss, both figuratively and literally for this expansion is the terrifying Compliance Agent.

And the How to Paint for him is available here. This expansion was a lot of fun to paint and I can't wait to get the game back to the table to see how the story unfolds.

Until then however, have fun painting...

The Duke


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