Game Night Reviews: Stuffed Fables

Updated: Feb 10

Stuffed Fables, Plaid Hat Games

Theodora sat upright in the little girl’s bed and rubbed her glass eyes. “Wake up everyone.” She called “Our girl is asleep and the witching hour is almost upon us.” Obediently the other stuffies did as they were told. Flops hopped up the bed her long ears flapping behind her as she did so. “Where to captain, my captain?” The eager young rabbit cried, donning her bow and quiver. “To the Fall, where else?” Theodora replied. “Not the Fall.” bemoaned Lumpy, the grumpy elephant. “Yes, we must. Crepitus’s forces are massing beyond the veil and it is up to us Stuffies, we brave and valiant few, to defend our girl from his clutches.” replied Stitch the ancient sock puppet. “For tonight, young stuffies, we go to war!”

Stuffed Fables is a storytelling adventure game from designer Jerry Hawthorne and Plaid Hat Games. Players take on the roles of stuffed toys defending their charge, a young girl, while she sleeps from the machinations of the evil brother of the moon, Creptius.

A Quick Overview

Stuffed Fables draws much of its inspiration from RPG’s like Dungeons and Dragons while attempting to simplify and streamline a myriad of rulebooks into just a couple of pages. The game works by having players read out the story from the book and at certain points they will be asked to place their figures on the map and play out an encounter, which will determine what happens next in the story.

During an encounter the players each control one stuffy and take a turn by drawing five dice from the dice bag. White dice are resolved immediately, the player rolls one or more of the dice they have drawn attempting to roll equal to or more than the number of stuffing (hit points) on their character card. If they do they find some stuffing and add a new stuffing token to their card. Black dice are then resolved by placing them on the threat track.