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Dungeons Deep

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

My painting pledges for the year included the harmless phrase "Finish Descent". That task was not so horrendous. I had two heroes outstanding, which were technically for Runebound but the games and minis are cross compatible and the monsters from two of the Hero and Monster collections, Visions of Dawn and Oath of the Outcast.

Kicking things off we have Visions of Dawn.

For this set we have three monster groups, each with a single minion and master. First we have the Manticores.

For the minion I drew my colours directly from the card art, while for the Master I dived back into the vault and used the colours from the very first Manticore I ever painted, the one in MB's Dark World.

Then we have the orges, another classic Descent model. Again the minion version takes its inspiration from the card art. For the Master version I wanted to move away from the green skin and more towards a khaki, something more akin to a D&D ogre. I also went with red and gold for the armour, that classic roman combo.

Lastly we have the trolls. Colour-wise here I'm pulling my inspiration more from Lord of the Rings than anywhere else. For the Master version I considered alternate skin tones but ultimately just went with red accents.

For Oath of the Outcast we have the return of three core classics from Descent First Edition, the Beastmen, Razorwings and the Bane Spiders.

I kicked things off with the Bane Spiders. I was initially disheartened with the master variant but after adding the basing and fixing the eyes I've come around on him.

The minion versions however I liked much more, perhaps because I'm so used to seeing the classic colour combo of pink and grey.

The Razorwings came together much faster. The models were initially attached to their bases at the feet, however as I rebase the Descent minis on MDF bases anyway I figured it would be a good time to add in some flight stands. I'm also pretty happy with the master variant here, it's a big departure from the classic look but one that I think works well.

And lastly we have the beastmen. These easily took the longest to complete, largely due to the hair/fur which was not taking well to just being drybrushed, so I had to resort to painting individual hairs.

As always there's more pictures available in the gallery.

So with those two expansions complete that means I've only got two heroes left to do right... RIGHT??? *checks spreadsheet*

How is this possible! Okay, okay, so I bought four more expansions... I've been checking on a regular basis for reprints but it looks like FFG are done with 2nd Edition so I bit the bullet and bought the expansion in French, Italian, Spanish or whatever I could get my hands on. I then spent a week with photoshop making templates and inputting data before sending my homemade cards off to a print shop. Yes, it was a fair amount of work, but I do now own everything for Descent... well... nearly!

Until next week, have fun painting.

The Duke


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