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January's Painting Update

It's a new year and this time I'm going to try and stay on top of the monthly updates. Last week I kicked off the new year with my annual painting pledges post. This week I just want to share with you what I've been painting in January.

Batman (8)

We kicked things off with some Batman Shadows of the Bat, this time diving into some of the kickstarter extras. A pair of new heroes in the form of Super Girl and Zatanna.

Some new minions. specifically Mr Freeze's Polar Bears and a new hero ally, Alfred Pennyworth.

Lastly we have all the minis to allow me to run the Two Face prequel storyline, Candice, Frankie and Rupert Throne.

Marvel United (11)

Crossing the line into Marvel from DC we have a bunch of new models for Marvel United. I started out by trying to cross off some more villains, so we have Mr Sinister & Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver.

There's something not quite right about Sinister but I'm not sure what, but I do want to fix whatever the problem is... Then we have a bunch of heroes, starting out with Blue Team, consisting of Jubilee, Gambit, Psylock, Rogue and Banshee, my favourite of which is probably Gambit, bit I think they all look great.

Finally for this month in Marvel United we have some X-Force members. Hope Summers closes out the Phoenix Five expansion, while Domino and Cable kick off the X-Force box.

Zombicide (6)

And finally for January we have 6 zombie runners from the Daily Spawn Promos for Zombicide. Overall I am pleased with this set, there are some I like more than others, really don't care for the bank robber, but overall some cool concepts and paint work.

Total 25

So the year is off to a strong start. 25 of 250 painted minis and most of the things painted so far are on my pledge list, with the exception of Batman where I'm supposed to painting Arkham Asylum. Next month will be slower as it's production time so I'll be doing long days and late nights on shows, but then normal service should resume in March.

Until then, have fun painting...

The Duke


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