Painting Zombicide Invader - Xeno Hunters

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

This week we're going to be taking a look at how I speed painted my Hunters for #CoolMiniOrNot's #ZombicideInvader. The Hunters are fast, activating twice at the end of each round and easily underestimated in large groups especially as they fall last in the targeting priority.


I used the following paints and materials.

  • Citadel Grey Seer Spray

  • Citadel Contrast Apothecary White

  • Citadel Contrast Flesh Tearers Red

  • Citadel Contrast Space Wolves Grey

  • Citadel Contrast Volupus Pink

  • Citadel Technical Lahmian Medium

  • Formula P3 Morrow White

  • Formula P3 Frostbite

  • Formula P3 Khador Red Base

  • Formula P3 Carnal Pink


To start I base coated everything with Grey Seer spray.

Base coat with Grey Seer

Then I washed the whole model with Citadel Contrast Space Wolves Grey and left to dry.

Wash with Space Wolves Grey

With the base coat sorted it was time to start building up the flesh tone. I started by drybrushing the lower legs with Ironhull grey.

Drybrush with Ironhull Grey

From there I started to mix in more and more Frostbite as i moved up the body, with the most concentrated highlights across the back.

Drybrush with Frostbite & Ironhull Grey

Allowing this to dry I then hit the upper areas with another drybrushing of pure Frostbite

Drybrush with Frostbite

Before doing a layer of white

Drybrush with Morrow White

Next I used a mix of White and Contrast Apothecary White to flatten out the various drybrushing layers. I used pure Apothecary White to blend out the edges of the wash as it reached the bottom of the back. Note at this stage I haven't applied a wash to the chest.

Wash with Morrow White & Apothecary White

To do the chest I mixed Carnal Pink with Apothecary White and applied it to the model, using pure Apothecary White to blend out the edges as above.

Wash with Carnal Pink & Apothecary White

Next I applied Contrast Space Wolves Grey to the lower legs and arms using Lahmian Medium to blend out the edges.

Wash with Space Wolves Grey

After that it was time for the tentacles. These were done using Contrast Volupus Pink and again I used Lahmian medium to blend out the edges, paying particular attention to the face. I want a hint of pink here but without overpowering the white.

Wash with Volupus Pink

After letting this dry I hit the top edges of the model with a drybrush of white again. The aim here was to get the lightest dusting that blended the edges of the pink while adding some subtle highlights to the back and shoulders.

Drybrush with Morrow White

The final step was to apply pure Morrow White highlights to the raised areas of the head, some of the suckers on the tentacles and along the spine.

Highlight with Morrow White

The claws were painted with Contrast Flesh Tearers Red then the finger nails were picked out with Khador Red Base.

To finish everything was based in line with my Xeno Workers and this was the end result.

Zombicide Invader - Painting Xeno Hunters

Overall the process was fairly painless, a lot more reliance on washing than with the workers. They took around 6 hours to complete all 18 across two sessions. They aren't perfect but they'll do the job. Next up Tanks!

Until next time, have fun painting,

The Duke

The Duke started painting Zombicide Invader a month ago and has painted 83 miniatures since then... That's gotta be some kind of record!

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