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The Saga Concludes

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Guys, I cannot tell you how messy the Keep is this week, there's stuff everywhere, there's paint on me, on my table, on my cutting mat and there's sand in everything... But we'll get to that.

So this week has primarily been focused on completing Imperial Assault. I started the week with 6 minis outstanding and today I have none.

Greedo, pictured above is number 164 of 164. That's not to say more won't materialise but as of right now I believe there are only six minis I don't own for #ImperialAssault. Alongside Greedo I finished the heroes for #TyrantsofLothal, CT-1701 and Tress Hacnua.

These guys have been outstanding since last January and are the primary reason Imperial Assault didn't hit the table in 2019. I also finished the Echo Base Troopers which we needed to play the Return to Hoth campaign in #LegendsoftheAlliance.

And lastly I did the missing bounty hunter from my collection... Bossk.

But that's not all. The other big project I've been working on this week is some new terrain to create a Tatooine backdrop so I can start doing the photos for Twin Shadows and Jabbas Realm...

Sorry... I can't crop out my banana!

The buildings are from #TTCombat and they are incredibly cheap and I'm super happy with them. The small dwellings are £7 the tower is £10. For the dwellings I coated them with a few layers of sand to give them that star wars effect but the tower was painted just "as is" and looks great. They're really solid too. TTCombat tends to make their stuff from thicker MDF than others like #Sarissa but that makes them really study if sometimes a little less detailed.

I mounted the buildings on foam core bases to give me space to add some debris and flora and I think they look great, particularly when combined with a bit of scatter and the Wastelands mat from #Battlesystems.

I'm also super impressed with the size of these buildings for their price, that tower, as you can see, dwarfs the AT-ST. With just these three I could easily fill a 2x2 mat with only a little bit of extra scatter and even if you include the cost of the mat this table costs less than £40. That's a bargain for any gaming group.

That's about it from me for this week, until next time, keep on painting!

The Duke


The Duke's favourite Star Wars computer game was Rise of the Empire on the N64...

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