Top 10 Kickstarters I'm Looking Forward to Delivering in 2021

2020 has been an expensive year of crowd funding, kicking off with a Batman all in pledge and ending with the epicness that is ISS Vanguard. With massive nationwide lockdowns dividing my game group I have turned to Kickstarter for my gaming fix, pre-ordering plastic paradise by the bucket load. So here are my top 10 kickstarters I'm looking forward to receiving in 2021-2022...

10. Freedom Five - A Sentinel Comics Board Game

As will quickly become apparent in this list I back a lot of miniature games, however with Freedom Five that’s all that actually kept me in my pledge. I LOVE Sentinels and I’d really like to get my brushes on these very characterful minis but after a disappointing and fiddly playthrough of the game on Tabletop Simulator I was very tempted to let my pledge go.

Freedom Five combines the Sentinel comics universe with the tried and tested mechanics of Defenders of the Realm (& Defenders of the Last Stand.) It also combines the design talents of Richard Lanius with those of the Sadler Brothers. In the game you take on the role of one the Freedom Five as you fight to defend the city from an evil mastermind and his band of henchmen. Asymmetric decks mean each hero plays differently and brings a lot to the team. As well as a deck of powerful abilities, each hero also has unique stats providing them with strengths and weaknesses. In our two player playthrough however we found ourselves struggling to cover enough of the board and failing to counteract each others weaknesses.

In the end, the promise of the game, combined with the deluxified nature of the components meant I kept my toes in the water but this is certainly