Game Night Reviews: King of Tokyo

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

King of Tokyo

A while back I reviewed King of Tokyo and I sang it praises, declaring it to be a firm favourite, “a great filler and a perfect family game.” However as the years have gone on we’ve played less and less. This is not because I don’t enjoy the game, I really do and I picked up King of New York hoping to reinvigorate the franchise but my little brother (with whom we play most games now) doesn’t enjoy the PVP aspects of games and much prefers co-ops or multiplayer solitaire.

The other thing I said in my review from way back when was “This game’s major strength is in it’s simplicity and it’s weight. The simplistic, yahtzee style nature of the game makes it easy to play with any group, even non-gamers and families.” Was I right? To the Review…

A Brief Overview

In King of Tokyo each player takes on the role of a monster attacking the Japanese capital. You play as King Kong, Godzilla or a bunny rabbit controlling a heavily armed mech, you know, the usual stuff.

On your turn you roll 6 dice, keep some, reroll others. You can reroll twice and then you must keep all results. The dice feature custom faces, some deliver victory points, others heal, attack or give you energy, the currency of the game, which allows you to buy cards and develop special powers.

If you are in Tokyo, all other players can attack you but when you attack you hit all players simultaneously. The longer you stay in Tokyo the more victory points you’ll score. The winner is the first to