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April's Painting Update

Is it May already? Where has this year gone?! Things are in motion at the Keep at the moment as I search for a new job, which means new timetables and painting schedules, however I am still endeavouring to keep bringing you all lots of painted content. Let's see what I got up to in April.

Batman (14)

Kicking things off we have Batman. Mostly Arkham Asylum although I also painted Batwoman. That completes the Arkham Asylum expansion and crosses off my first painting target of the year. I imagine I'll do more Batman in the coming months though as it is currently my little brothers favourite.

ISS Vanguard (4)

Boldly going on I crossed off a few more bits for ISS Vanguard. The Apex Predator which recently terrorized us and our latest unlocks, the Outpost and the Faustschalg.

Zombicide (2)

Some Zombicide 2nd edition hit the painting bench this month, this always a good fall back option when I don't know what else to paint. I painted one of the Daily Spawns, The Swimmer (for my target) and the Greenwich Crew abomination. I also updated and posted a new tutorial on painting zombie flesh.

And this is probably a good time to mention the site updates. The whole site has a fresh coat of paint and brand new beating heart that means everything is more connected. For example now when you visit the Zombicide 2nd Edition gallery you'll find not only all the different galleries neatly organised but reviews, top ten lists, tutorials and more all in the one place.

Not everything is finished and some galleries are going to take a long time to get done as I don't have everything photographed but hopefully the site is now much cleaner and user friendly. There is also now a dedicated page that collects all my tutorials from across the various places where they are posted in an easy convenient location.

Zombicide Dark Side (1)

Lastly we have Dark Side, a teaser for what is coming next month I guess. So far we just have a single member of Green Team, this is Reese. I'll be painting the rest of her squad next month, we'll see how much further I go down this particular rabbit hole!

Total 21

So, only 21 for the month, that feels a little low but I have been steadily checking off items from my challenges and still slotting in the odd extra mini here and there and I've completed at least 1 item so I'm calling it a good month.

What have you been painting? Let me know in the comments below.

Challenge Tracker Progress

  • 250 Minis - 75

  • Finish Marvel United X-Men (78) - 21

  • Finish ISS Vanguard (36) - 17

  • Paint Zombicide Darkside (104) or Paint Marvel Zombies Core (90) - 1

  • Paint Arkham Asylum (15) - Complete

  • Finish Hellscape for 4 Players (10) - Not Started

  • Paint Descent Heroes (14) - 3

  • Zombicide Daily Spawn (30) - 7

Until Next time, have fun painting... The Duke


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Johanes Yamakawa
Johanes Yamakawa
May 12, 2023

Sadly I have not been painting much at all. I have a base coat on The Hulk for my Marvel United set, but I am thinking about how to paint it so he looks to be in mid-transformation, which has led me to a bit of analysis paralysis. I also have an unfinished set of Warcry terrain and minis that I keep looking at.

Chris Bowler
Chris Bowler
May 12, 2023
Replying to

That's a cool idea, don't think I've seen anyone attempt something like that, would be cool to see if you pull it off. My advice, don't think about the fact that your terrain unfinished, just do a bit here and whenever you can and then at some point it'll be done, just looking at it isn't going to cut it 🙂

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