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Day 7 - X-Wing C-ROC Campaign (2019)

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Love it or hate it there’s no getting away from #StarWars both in and out of gaming. However we’ve been taking a little break from the galaxy far far away this year having only played a little Legends of the Alliance and no #XWing or #ImperialAssault at all. However, in my Gaming Resolutions post I said I wanted to get the C-Roc Cruiser to table to try out the campaign so last night that’s exactly what we did.

We last played X-Wing in October 2016 so jumping back in after so long away was like a baptism of fire. We were jumping in at the deep end with only a vague memory of the rules tucked away at the back of our brains. Not only were we using a huge ship, which has its own branch of special rules but we were both flying new ships, I had the Hounds Tooth, while Dave flew the Ghost and to compound matters we were using the campaign rules and missions.

Still, we muddled through the first mission and things started to slowly come back. We might have missed some of the minutiae of the rules but we got the broad strokes and we started to have fun. Dave was running a fleet inspired by the TV show Star Wars Rebels so had taken the Ghost and the attack shuttle along with some A-Wing escorts. I on the other hand was running a scum and villainy fleet with some imperial allies. I had the C-ROC and during the first mission my primary objective was to keep it alive.

Turn one Dave flew straight at me with the Ghost, this was a mistake as I could simply hit his ship with the C-ROC to take it out of the game. I decided that would take a lot of fun out of the campaign for both of us and veered off course, sparing the plucky rebels. I was not rewarded for my kindness and I had lost the mission by the end of turn 4. My main issue was getting the cruiser far enough away to shoot. Its only weapon required it to be at range 2 from the defenders and the Ghost was sticking stubbornly close, while the A-Wings often proved too agile to hit.

Mission 2 however broke more in my favour. This mission was played across two tables, with our forces divided between them. We could use the hyperspace lanes to travel between the tables if we completed our objectives. The Rebels needed to offload prisoners from the C-ROC and then escape to hyperspace. Meanwhile I needed to destroy their reserves with the Hounds Tooth over on the second table.

My main aim with the C-ROC was to keep it moving and recharging it’s shields, a strategy that proved successful, while The Hounds Tooth and his TIEInterceptor escort took out the reserves. The TIE didn’t last long however, but Bossk’s 180 degree fire arc and high shields proved to be a little too much for the rebels. By the time the mission came to an end only a single Bandit Squadron Headhunter remained alive. A decisive victory for the Empire.

One-all as we head into the finale of the campaign, but that will have to wait a while longer. Until then, may the force be with you.


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