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February's Painting Update

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

The year is racing away, we're already two months down and things don't look to be slowing down! Feb is a busy month for me at work, with assessments and shows so my painting took a little hit but lets see where I got to...

Marvel United (10)

Most of my attention this week was on Marvel United. I wanted to finish off the X-Force box expansion which meant doing Shatterstar and Cable. After that I decided to take another look at my spreadsheet. As many of you know I track progress with spreadsheets and use various categories to subdivide the minis into small groups so I get a sense of achievement when I complete a group, rather than only when I complete everything. With the advent of Team Decks in season 3 that gave me a good way to break up the stretch goal models, so I decided while I was on a roll to finish off the rest of X-Force, painting Doop, Boom Boom, Feral, Sunspot & Warpath.

After that I tackled Namor, who would complete the Illuminati and then Mirage who would finish off Agents of Shield and The Defenders. For my 650th CMON miniature I decided to paint Iceman, which was a pretty cool way to hit 650... get it... cool!

ISS Vanguard (2)

On nights when I didn't have time to do Marvel United I turned my attention to other simpler projects. For Vanguard I needed to paint up the Pelican lander as we'd just unlocked it in our campaign. I also painted up the Bombardment token, which was actually needed in the very next game we played, I hadn't planned it but it worked out quite nicely.

Overall I was happy with these in the end, although the pelican took a lot of work to get there and in the end it wasn't until I added some weathering grime that I was really satisfied with how it looked.

Descent (2)

As part of my painting pledges for the year I said I would try and paint the remaining 12 heroes for Descent so I figured I'd start with Stewards of the Secret painting Tatiana and Okaluk and Rakash. Neither is amazing but I think they'll look okay on the table.

Batman (2)

Finally I closed out the month with this pair. Both were painted pretty quickly coming in at around 90 minutes for the pair. This is Bud & Lou, Harley Quinn's pet hyenas for Batman The Animated Series Adventures. Overall I think they came out pretty well and it was a simple paint job, mostly drybrushing and shading with a few little details picked out by hand.

Total 41

And so that's it for Feb. 16 more models done bring the total to 41 for the year which would put me slightly behind where I want to be for my 250 total, but not by too much that I can't still make it. March is already off to a good start though with more Batman & Vanguard. Until then, have fun painting!

Challenge Progress Tracker

  • 250 Minis - 41

  • Finish Marvel United X-Men (78) - 21

  • Finish ISS Vanguard (36) - 2

  • Paint Zombicide Darkside (104) or Paint Marvel Zombies Core (90) - Not Started

  • Paint Arkham Asylum (15) - 2

  • Finish Hellscape for 4 Players (10) - Not Started

  • Paint Descent Heroes (14) - 2

  • Zombicide Daily Spawn (30) - 6

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