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March's Painting Update

Another slow month as work eats away at my painting time. However I did manage to get the tickle sticks out at least a few times and slap some paint on plastic, let's dive in.

Batman (2)

I kicked things off with Batman, adding Clayface and Bruce Wayne to the available characters. Only one counts towards the pledge for completing Arkham Asylum, but I wanted to have Bruce available as a playable character for our next mission, Prelude to Two-Face.

ISS Vanguard (11)

Most of the month has been dedicated to getting ISS Vanguard finished off. As we're playing most weeks at the moment I wanted to get the minis painted before we finished the campaign! I don't generally love the Awaken Realms models, perhaps they just don't suit my style, I'm not sure. But that said there's some in this batch that I really enjoyed, the Magnacereb for example (the giant brain looking one) or the Ophthalmoid (giant floating eye)

I've just got 6 threats to go, however 3 of them are tiny drones so I should easily close out the Threats next month, everything else I'll paint it as we unlock it.

Descent (1)

For Descent I slotted in a single hero in the form of Seer Kel. As usual with descent I struggled with the overall quality of the cast, but in the end I like how the peacock cloak looks. I really wish FFG had spent a little more money on casting, because the 3d renders for Descent 2nd Edition are actually pretty crisp and clean, it just doesn't translate to the resulting model. They got much better at this with Imperial Assault (towards the end anyway).

Terrain (5)

Last but not least I did some terrain bits. Some crates and boxes for scatter and a quest board. Both of these are from Zealot Miniatures, lovely clean casts, barely any clean up required and no washing or scrubbing necessary.

I also put together a Tutorial on painting wood this month. I'm planning on doing more of these tutorials on simple basic techniques, such as painting bone or stone. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in and I'll try and make it happen.

Total (14)

Overall then the total for the month is 14, that's partly because I never include terrain in my total for minis painted and partly because there was a week where I couldn't paint because I was working evenings. I can't see April being much more productive however as I'm likely changing jobs and potentially moving so we'll have to see how everything shakes out.

Challenge Tracker Progress

  • 250 Minis - 54

  • Finish Marvel United X-Men (78) - 21

  • Finish ISS Vanguard (36) - 13

  • Paint Zombicide Darkside (104) or Paint Marvel Zombies Core (90) - Not Started

  • Paint Arkham Asylum (15) - 3

  • Finish Hellscape for 4 Players (10) - Not Started

  • Paint Descent Heroes (14) - 3

  • Zombicide Daily Spawn (30) - 6

Until Next time, have fun painting...

The Duke


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