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Treaty of Champions

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Last week I hinted that I may have bought some more Descent minis after coming desperately close to finishing them all. The truth is that I planned to pick up the odd hero and monster pack as I placed various orders, using them to bulk out an order over the free shipping limit. However as stocks began to dwindle and there was no sign of a reprint on the horizon I began to panic and FOMO took over. In the end I managed to grab 4 of the remaining 8 expansions, Treaty of Champions, Visions of Dawn, Oath of the Outcast and Bonds of the Wild.

So today I present the finished minis from Treaty of Champions. Last week I bemoaned the quality of the Decent Journeys in the Dark expansions but these latter expansion packs really up the quality. Personally I believe it was the quality of casts that was poor (rather than the sculpts) and that the older minis could be improved if they were recast with FFG's current caster, but that's not going to happen any time soon. As well as improved quality there has also been a little scale creep. Here is Kriuzbeck the dwarf standing next to Grisban, a dwarf from the base game.

For me there's no question that Krutzbeck is the better mini, smoother plastic, crisper details but he's also a foot taller and almost twice as wide. Still if it means we're getting better quality I'm on board.

So what comes in this expansion, firstly we have four new heroes...

Jonas the Kind, Zyla, Grey Kerr, Krutzbeck, Descent Journeys in the Dark
Jonas the Kind, Zyla, Grey Kerr, Krutzbeck

Of the four I like them all. I think The Grey Kerr (2nd from the right) is the weakest but for the others it's a three way tie. I enjoyed Zyla, she was an interesting experiment with different shades of purple. Then we come to the Crow Hags

Crow Hags Descent Journeys in the Dark
Crow Hags

I've seen these minis take a bit of stick on the internet but I love how they've turned out. The blue on their shoulder pads and cloaks in particular is incredibly striking.

Skeleton Archers, Descent Journeys in the Dark
Skeleton Archers

Then we have the skeleton archers, they were speed painted across a single evening so bear some signs of rushing but they fit in well with the Reanimates from the Chains that Rust expansion I painted recently.

Demon Lord, Descent Journeys in the Dark
Demon Lord
Demon Lord Descent Journeys in the Dark
Demon Lord
Demon Lords, Descent Journeys in the Dark
Demon Lords

Finally we have the demon lords, probably my least favourite of the monsters in the set, mostly because they didn't work out the way I wanted. With a lot of these larger minis lately I've been able to produce good results quickly with a big brush and some washes but these two refused to play ball and made me spend more time than I really wanted to on them. Still I think they came out good in the end.

Descent Journeys in the Dark Treaty of Champions
Treaty of Champions

And there we have it, another expansion crossed off the list. Next week we're going to have a six month review of my painting pledges and maybe set some new goals for the second half of the year. Until then, have fun gaming.

The Duke


The Duke is currently drowning in a sea of cardboard, his Battlesystems fantasy terrain pledge just came in and he's building himself a literal Keep!

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