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Painting Zombicide Invader: Seekers

Updated: May 9, 2021

In our Painting Zombicide Series we've covered all the major xeno groups, Workers, Tanks, Hunters, Flingers and Moths, leaving only the Seekers, so today I show you how I painted mine in just a few easy steps.


For this paint job I used the following paints and materials.

  • Citadel Grey Seer Spray

  • Citadel Contrast Volupus Pink

  • Citadel Contrast Flesh Tearers Red

  • Citadel Technical Lahmian Medium

  • Formula P3 Frostbite

  • Formula P3 Ironhull

  • Formula P3 Underbelly Blue

  • Formula P3 Morrow White

  • Fomula P3 Carnal Pink

  • Formula P3 Battlefield Brown

  • Citadel Technical Martian Ironearth


As with my other Xenos I started out with a basecoat of grey seer. Next I hit the head and torso with a layer of P3 Ironhull Grey. I did this fairly roughly with a large brush.

Zombicide Invader Seekers
Ironhull Grey

Next I blended this out along the limbs using P3 Underbelly Blue. I'm still using a large brush here and keeping both colours wet as I try to create a seamless blend from one to the other.

Zombicide Invader Seekers
Underbelly Blue

Finally I used P3 Frostbite to blend in the hands. As you can see in this photo I'm aiming to have a darker back and lighter front with more Ironhull grey across the back and shoulders.

Zombicide Invader Seekers

Next I used Volupus Pink, this is applied liberally to the head and shoulders, using Lahmian Medium to blend out the edges.

Zombicide Invader Seekers
Volupus Pink

While this is wet I begin to mix in P3 Carnal Pink, building up the blend so that the top of the head is almost pure pink.

Zombicide Invader Seekers
Carnal Pink

With the base colours laid down it's just a case of highlighting now. I begin with P3 Frostbite on all the remaining blue-grey areas. At this point i'm working with a medium brush and aiming to pick out all the muscle blocks.

Zombicide Invader Seekers

Then using P3 Morrow White I did some edge highlighting using a fine detail brush. Here I'm looking to pick out some of the sharper details like the stomach muscles, hands and knees.

Zombicide Invader Seekers
Morrow White

Next I used P3 Carnal Pink to pick out the eyes, tentacles and suckers, again paying closest attention to the edges.

Zombicide Invader Seekers
Carnal Pink

Finally I picked out the nails with Flesh Tearers Red and then based using my standard Zombicide Invader techniques.

Zombicide Invader Seekers
Zombicide Invader Seekers

And there we have it, all sixteen finished and ready to go hunting for survivors. The seekers were probably my least favourite of the xenos if I'm honest, perhaps because they didn't lend themselves so well to speed painting. I think they probably could benefit from a little more time spent on them, especially around the head and tentacles but for now they are done and table ready.

And that is also the last in this series (until I get around to painting the Driller Xenos) but check back next week for another look at what I've been painting during lockdown.

Until next time, keep on painting...

The Duke


In his teens the Duke read almost every D&D manual released for 2nd Edition cover to cover, with only two exceptions, The Complete Book of Necromancers and Sages and Specialists.

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